Representative of Mersen visit our factory
    date / 2018-06-12 13:18:04  read /

    In June 11, the representative of Mersen came to our factory to visit and  test the pipe cutting and beveling machine.
    Merson is internationally-renowned for its expertise and approach to electrical power and advanced materials, providing industrial companies around the world with innovative solutions to enhance the performance of their products and services.
    They have a special application for repairing the suface of armature, which requires extremely high precision of the machine. So he took a test of roundness of the cut pipe with our OD-Mounted pipe cutting and beveling machine. 

    Through a series of trying and testing, we finally got data of the roundness from 111μm to 20μm.
    surface roughness: Ra 2.089μm

    Thank you for your visiting and we feel honored to gain recognition after testing from representative of Merson. Hope we could have more cooperation in the near future! 
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