Clamshell Pipe Cold  Cutting and Beveling Machine
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    The series machine is ideal for all types of pipe cutting, beveling and end preparation. The split frame design allows the machine to split in half at the frame and mount around the OD of the in-line pipe or fittings for strong, stable clamping. The equipment performs precision in-line cut or simultaneous cut/bevel, single point, counterbore and flange facing operations, as well as weld end preparation on open ended pipe, Ranging from 3/4” to 56 inches O.D.(DN20-1400), on most wall thicknesses and material.


    Split frame
    Machine quickly spilt to mount around outside
    diameter of in-line pipe
    Cut or Cut/Bevel simultaneously
    Cuts and bevels simultaneously leaving a clean
    precision prep ready for welding
    Cold cut/Bevel
    Hot torch cutting requires grinding and produces
    an undesirable heat affected zone
    Cold cutting/beveling improve safety
    Low Axial & Radial Clearance
    Tool feed automatically
    Cut and bevel pipe of any wall thickness. Materials include: Carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel as well
    as other material
    Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic type for option
    Machining OD of pipe from 3/4” upto 56”


    Tool Bits

    Typical Buttwelding Joint

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